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about - Binbin Zheng

Born in Beijing in 1980, spent most of his youth growing up in Belgium and moved to China to complete his studies in Finance, he currently works as a professional in the lighting business and operates his own company in China, Hong Kong, South East Asia and Europe.

Binbin's been dabbling in photography since over 15 years, working with both film and digital, mainly shooting architectural and interior for the needs of his work and landscape for pursuing personal interest.


For his architectural and interior photography, he mainly uses an ALPA technical camera and Phase One IQ digital system with lenses ranging from 23mm to 180mm in order to cover both the distant details and the super narrow spaces often encountered in tight interiors.


For the landscape work, besides the Phase One XF system, he also uses a Chamonix Alpinist X 8x10 view camera shooting 8x10 inch sheet film which is then developed and processed in his own dark room for optimal consistency.


If desired film photography services can be provided on formats such as XPAN, 6x6cm, 6x9cm, 4x10inch and 8x10inch using Fuji, Hasselblad and Chamonix cameras upon special request.

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